Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still & Moving

The trust I have in the moving current of this river of love that life flows absolute...still with the knowing, it is half the current and half my awakened love's responsibility to swim...while everyone else's halves swim in the same current, our atoms bumping this way and that. The thing about the laws of that magnets (like everything else in this existence) always have two polar opposites...for each being. Suffice to say...there's a lot of stuff flying within the current.

Still one can swim with trust, keeping the fins pumping...and eyes open...working it in our daily lives...bringing the exercises to life...watching carefully that 'life' goes on outside of the ego-mind connection illusion (a-thing-thought-is-a-thing-done, sort of illusion) which can make us feel really good while we plan, map, hold ceremony, ask for manifestations and life moves smoothly...but life is not designed to move smoothly and we panic easily in emotional riptides.

That's what it is to be have these through us and trigger hard drive instincts of fight, flight, or flirt. No one is exempt from the current within us as the fishy...swimming within the current of this river of opposites...but when I accept and submit to half and work the other half, calm deep waters wait where they always have been. There again is the trust, like a great stillness in the space between the atoms.